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With Cascade ProMedia, our pricing is simple, our service is impeccable, our quality is professional, and our relationships with our clients are what drive us.

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Premier Real Estate Photography

We don’t schedule the weather, but that shouldn’t stop us. If the sky needs  enhancing we got you covered - sorry, can’t enhance the rain.

Blue sky when needed

Grass is always greener

Most of the year grass is lush and rich in color. We can add some digital fertilizer and enhance it. Sorry, can’t replace it though.

Clear View Process TM

Eyes are the window to the soul, windows the soul to the home. Our Process of lighting, photographing and processing give a clear view.

Color Sure Technology TM

Is that the same house? Our technology replicates the homes color and hues. No color cast, bleeding blues, or over enhanced HDR.

Privacy Care TM

A virtual tour is for the home, not the family’s privacy. We remove  names, replace large family photos, and blur faces to protect privacy.

Always next day turnaround

Your speed to market is a critical part of your professional service. We do the same, always in 24 hours, or as early as the next morning .

All Inclusive Photo Services !

Every photo is a luxury photo!   Always included:

3D Tours truly adds another dimension to engaging your buyers and delighting sellers. The Matterport showcase is an immersive way to experience a property online.  A 3D Showcase™ is an online experience that lets home buyers move through a property and see it from any angle. Even get a completely unique sense for the place with our “dollhouse” view.


Image galleries, 360º panoramas and fly-through videos lack the perspective and “feel” that home buyers and sellers crave. A Matterport 3D Showcase™ creates an emotional connection with the home.




3D Tour Matterport

HD Pro Video

The ultimate full experience of a property is professional high definition video. True video tours provide  moving highlights of the property, allowing buyers to get a real sense of the property's scale and flow.


Cascade ProMedia HD Video service can accommodate different lengths and styles of video presentation. The advantage of HD Video is opportunity to experience the motion of reality and human interaction with the space.


Our cinematic format and style provides a steady and pleasant experience for the viewer. Non-stop walk-through videos leave most viewers with motion sickness and not focusing on the features of the home.



Our Photographers

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