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Area of Coverage - Washington - South Kitsap County & West Pierce County (Gig Harbor)

Understanding Media Licensing

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Jomer Siasat

Under current copyright laws, the copyright of any photography remains with the photographer unless specifically agreed upon. Cascade ProMedia retains all rights to photos taken of properties. We license the use of the images to the listing agent of the property at the time the photo is taken. The license of use is extended to the agent who paid for the license.  The license grants the use of all photos and related media by the agent in any medium (print and web) for the duration of your listing agreement(s).


Photographs taken by Cascade ProMedia are not to be used for any purpose other than the marketing of the property listing.  Agents must obtain permission from Cascade ProMedia to use the image for any other medium (marketing of agent's services, calendars, etc).


An agent cannot transfer or sell the license to use the photographs or related media to another party. If the home owner pays us for the license, they can transfer the images to different agents for the purpose of marketing their home.


Cascade ProMedia RePurchase Program


We realize that the real estate profession is a competitive business, and we do not want to damage relationships between agents and us as service providers. Since Cascade ProMedia retains the rights to the photography and related media, we initiated the RePurchase Program. This program allows all parties to win in the transfer of photography licenses from one party to another. This saves time for the new listing agent, reduces the hassle for the home owner and provides some reimbursement credit for the original listing agent.


For another party to purchase the license of existing photos from Cascade ProMedia, they will pay a fee of 80% of the initial purchase for the photos and services. It is all the photos or none; no partial sales. Cascade ProMeida retains 50% of the RePurchase amount and 50% is applied as a credit for future services to the original listing agent.


Opt Out – If the current agent possessing the license desires opt out of the RePurchase Program (not allow others to RePurchase the photographs), they can pay an Opt Out fee of 75% of the initial photography cost or $150, whichever is greater. The Opt Out purchase must be purchased prior to the cancellation of the listing. Cascade ProMedia still maintains ownership rights to the photography.


(206) 353-4913

I have always been interested in creating photos. After graduating from Central Washington University, I purchased my first DSLR camera and became obsessed with learning about photography. I would find myself photographing anything from; landscapes, people, weddings and now architecture. Now combining my years of experience in the food service industry with my ability to capture photos of the highest quality, I hope to serve you and your team to the best of my ability. I hope to work with you soon!

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Area highlighted is approximate and includes communities such as:


Port Orchard

Key Peninsula

Gig Harbor

Fox Island

North End Tacoma

University Place


Travel beyond this region will incur a travel charge of $1.25/mile each way.

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